Final thoughts on South Korea

We were based in South Korea for a few weeks shy of 3 months. It’s crazy that we now think that that is really not a long time to spend in one place. I guess it depends where you are but I really love how staying in one place for a while really gives you an understanding of the place you’re in and also it’s amazing how much you learn. I spoke about Koreans’ love of food in my previous post but here I’ll write some of the other things that we’ve learnt… Continue reading

Hostel Living, Seoul

You know in the “Big Poppa” track by Notorious Big when P’Diddy says “How ya livin’ Biggie Smalls?” and Biggie replies with “In mansions n Benz’s, givin’ ends to my friend’s and it feels stupendous”. Well, if you were to ask us that question “How ya livin’ Eb n Kels?” I’d respond with Continue reading

Tourists for a day, Seoul

Today Eb and I had our day off from teaching and cleaning at the hostel. We decided to do a bit of sight-seeing and exploring. We just purchased a new camera and wanted to take some photos and see what this new baby was capable of. We’d both wanted this camera for quite a while but were hesitant because it’s not a cheap purchase. But we decided to take the plunge, so we sold our old one and purchased the new one. Continue reading