Video: Switzerland to Iceland

After realising we might’ve lost all our GoPro footage from our cycling trip around Europe, Kel put together some of the videos we took on our normal camera. This footage is from Switzerland to Iceland involving travel by bicycle, train, bus and ferry! Have a watch 🙂 Music by Kel’s favourite singer….. the Biebs haha

Lollipop making

Natascha is a lady we met within the first few weeks of being in the Faroe Islands. She lives across the road from where we are staying. She came and said hi after learning we were from Australia where she is from also! There are about 5 Australians living on the islands. It just so happens that two of them live in our little 1200-people village, with one even growing up in Artarmon and Manly! It really is such a small world. Continue reading

Snow day

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few days where we have spotted snow on the mountaintops but none in the village. Last week, we had two full days of snow and boy, was it fun!!!! I was so happy for Kel to finally experience the magic of snow falling, catching snowflakes, making snow angels, having a snow ball fight and making a snow man (although the snow was too powdery to do a really good one). Continue reading

Faroe Islands

Excitement was shown all over our faces as we were in line waiting to board the ferry to the Faroe Islands. For those of you who do not know, the Faroe Islands are an archipelago situated between south east of Iceland, north of Scotland and west of Norway and are owned by the Danish kingdom, with just under 50,000 inhabitants. Continue reading