Sup wassup! Oi! Ola! Bom Dia! It’s hard to believe that we are now in South America.

Earlier this year, we had planned on flying over to North America after Iceland and then we wanted to slowly make our way to Central and South America. But, due to injuring my knee after making that plan, we decided to it was best to make our way back home instead and to get my knee fixed. It was a little difficult for us, coming to terms with ending our trip, but we were content with the idea because looking back on our trip, we did a hell of a lot. We also accomplished our plan of travelling for one year, plus we would be going back home with change in our pockets.

The new plan – Drop in to England so we could see Eb’s relatives, go back to Thailand for a minute, then head to Cambodia so we could check in on our students we taught at the start of our travels, then jump on a plane back to Sydney. But, when we arrived in Thailand, we really could NOT stand the heat and humidity. I guess we acclimatised to the north atlantic weather because it was so unbearable that we didn’t want to leave our hotel room at all. With the heat taken into consideration we were now unsure of what we wanted to do. We had a quick look on Skyscanner to see if there were any other countries nearby that we could visit that would be a cooler climate. South Korea popped up for less than $150 AUD for the both of us. That seemed like a great idea! It’s cooler and its a new country, a win win situation. With that, we unfortunately scratched the Cambodia plan and we flew out of Bangkok and into South Korea the next day.

The new, new plan – Hang out in South Korea for a couple months then fly back to Sydney. Although, when we were in South Korea, we both thought it would be silly to not go to Japan as they are so close to each other and the flights a ridiculously cheap… So, we added Japan to the new new plan. We were both happy with that – South Korea, Japan, then back home. Until… Eb met a backpacker in the hostel where we were working. This backpacker was talking about his experiences in South America and how great it is there and it was giving Eb major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). He mentioned to her that every now and then, you can find cheap flights from Tokyo to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Apparently Sao Paulo has the most Japanese people outside of Japan, according to this dude. This made Eb very excited as it was becoming a possibility to go to South America! She jumped online and had a quick browse to see if there were any cheap flights. She came to me with a big smile and said there’s a cheap flight to Brazil in 4 months time, should we book it? We spoke for about 10 minutes, discussing our options, the 2 major points being –

1 – We call it a day, pack our bags and we go back home after Japan. That way we will have enough money in our pockets to start over again.


2. We go all out, live life to the fullest, not worry about the future and just go with the flow.

Since we started travelling, we have learnt to not worry about the future, to live in the present moment. We both knew which option we wanted and went ahead with booking our flight to Brasil. BOOM SHAKALAKA. So here we are now, in the state of Santa Catarina on an Island called Florianopolis a.k.a Floripa, and we couldn’t be any happier!

Before flying to Brasil, Eb and I were wanting to do another volunteer project. In the past we have chosen projects/ locations that have been specific for us. We chose teaching in Cambodia for the culture shock, and also to make many friends with the other volunteers. We chose the tea farm in Nepal to get a glimpse at everyday life as a Nepali famer. We chose places like the Faroe Islands and the East Coast of Iceland to experience life in remote locations surrounded by beautiful nature and we chose Seoul and Tokyo to experience city life. Because we had been in cities for the past 5 months, we decided we wanted to stay away from the major cities and find a location we’d never heard of before, a project where we could meet lots of people and make new friends. We wanted to challenge ourselves physically and mentally and we also wanted to be by the beach. We were very fortunate enough to find a volunteer project online that ticked all those boxes. We applied, and after a few Skype interviews, we were accepted into the project and it is where we are right now.

We have just created a Youtube channel where we plan to upload at least 2 vlogs a week. If interested, please subscribe to the channel so you are updated 🙂 Here is the most recent vlog we made about what we have gotten up to the past 4 weeks here in Brazil.

-Ya boi Killa Kel



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