Video: Iceland

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We got to Iceland via a 17 hour (from memory) ferry from the Faroes which left a day and a half later than planned due to a storm in Iceland. The route the ferry took was sailing to the south part of Iceland first then going north along the coast to the port in the east.

I will never forget waking up early after the worst sleep ever (due to the rough seas), running up to the top deck and then my speechlessness and just feeling so in AWE of the SNOW and MOUNTAINS and BEAUTY of seeing Iceland, especially this way. I took a moment to take it all in with no one else around before sprinting downstairs to our cabin to wake Kel up so he could see too. It was just MAGIC!

Like the last video of some of the footage from Europe, this was made from video from our camera. I’m sooo thankful we still did some video on this camera otherwise we’d have nothing since our GoPro footage is potentially gone!!!!

Have a watch 🙂



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