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Lately, I have taken a strong likening to photography. I have never really cared for it before, though. Before Eb and I left Australia, we weren’t planning on even bringing a camera. I thought about taking one of those disposable cameras and I remember I just wanted for me to immerse myself fully into travelling and remembering these experiences by memory.

I think it was a couple of weeks before Eb and I were leaving that my family had a picnic at a park. My older sister brought her boyfriends’ DSLR camera and was taking shots of all the family. When Eb and I saw the finished shots, we thought, holy crap! What are we thinking? We definitely need to take a camera! So the next week we bought an entry level  Canon DSLR online. We both had no idea how to use one, so we just shot all of our photos on auto.

Our camera served us well over the first 16 months. However, we both wanted to update and get a camera the next level up. After a little bit of research, we both really wanted to buy the Sony A6000. We sold our DSLR and ended up buying the A6000. This camera has changed the way I look at photographers now. I appreciate the art and have a lot of respect for photographers. All I ever do now is take photos, watch tutorials and learn through my mistakes. I find it amazing that I’ve developed this passion for photography when to begin with, I was never interested in it.

trees (1 of 1)

Shimoda beach sunset. Taken by Eb

Because Tokyo has been so hot lately, we only choose to go out during the evening which has been great for me to try and learn how to shoot in low light conditions. It’s also been very fun exploring at night time. Usually we just head down to the Shibuya crossing and we just people watch. One night I went out by myself and cycled all over Tokyo (literally). I went everywhere trying to find cool things to shoot.

tokyo (1 of 1)fireworks (1 of 1)shibuya (1 of 1)eb shibuya (3 of 1)Mario (1 of 1)Charger (1 of 1)Tunnel (1 of 1)


Tokyo tower (1 of 1)

I’ve noticed with the photographers that I follow, the top tips they give for beginners wanting to improve is to shoot as much as possible, learn from your mistakes and apply that knowledge for the next time you shoot. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do! Eb and I cycled to Yoyogi park and because I’m not very good at directing photos and Eb isn’t too comfortable in front of the camera, it made for some funny shots.

Day out (1 of 1)Day out (4 of 1)Day out (2 of 1)Day out (3 of 1)Day out (5 of 1)Day out (7 of 1)Day out (8 of 1)Day out (9 of 1)Day out (10 of 1)Day out (11 of 1)Day out (12 of 1)Day out (13 of 1)Day out (14 of 1)Day out (15 of 1)Day out (16 of 1)

2 thoughts on “My new passion

  1. Rad! Literally was about to purchase I camera yesterday because of the photos you guys have uploading. I always watch the videos and think how mad the production and stories are. You guys could be stars! Haha.

    Keep at the awesome photography!


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