Back in England


After spending the night in Keflavik airport, we flew to Birmingham to stay with my Grandma for a month. It kind of felt like being back at home, back to familiar grounds. Cups of tea and cakes… 🙂 This time around though, we were used to the cold weather!

Before Kel hurt his knee in Iceland, we had big plans of cycling from Bangkok through the Middle East to either Africa or Eastern Europe. Sadly that dream is now postponed until Kel can get his knee properly fixed at home. But, it will still happen! Give us a few years…

The new plan was to sell the bikes and use the backpacks we had left at my grandmas. We had a lot of stress trying to sell the bikes in England since they are a specific type of bike and people who want to do cycle touring have to be searching online for them. We did end up selling them – 2 days before we left for London! Talk about cutting it close!


The final good bye…

Over the 4 weeks at my Grandma’s, Kel and I got to spend some great time with my auntie, uncle and cousins! We were there for Easter and my birthday and it was really nice to have some quality time and make some funny memories with my English family! They really know how to have a good time haha. Now we are waiting until they set a date to bring the fun to Aus 🙂


Wayne Manor




King Clazza


English breakfast thanks to Andy and Chloe!



IMG_9090   IMG_9089

IMG_9086   IMG_9085

IMG_9103   IMG_9106

IMG_9081   IMG_9083

During our second time in England, we also got to catch up with some family friends –the Walcott family. Timothy is one of dad’s close friends and I have stayed with him and his wife and three girls twice before in London! I hadn’t seen them for 6 or so years and it was amazing to see how big the girls were. It was really lovely to see them although it was a short visit.

We also got to catch up with our good friend from home, Cameron Trescott aka tressy! It was SO great to see him as well as Stu and Ryan – his roommates. We went to London and stayed at their place twice during our trip and had some awesome fun. They seem to be definitely loving the London life. With the weather warming up there and summer approaching, I can understand why!



Thank you Nadia 🙂



Thank you Mum, Dad and bro xxx


Skyping with my birthday buddy, Ari, in the Faroe Islands 🙂


5 thoughts on “Back in England

  1. I’m sorry to hear Kels knee is still not great. Are you guys heading home now to get it sorted? Or will you continue to travel? Sounds like you had a great time in the UK with your family! Next time head up north, it’s really beautiful! If we are home you can come stay with us x


    1. He is fine with walking, just can’t run or move awkwardly! We are continuing on for now… Yes we will definitely have to explore more in the UK. Oh that’s sweet – and we’d love to! Same with you guys and Sydney, whenever you come and visit! Are you guys staying in Spain until September? What’s your plan? xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s good news! I’m glad you are still able to continue with your trip! Cool hopefully our paths will cross one day! The last time we were in Australia was 2008 so maybe we are due a trip back there soon.
        We are staying on our Workaway until June, then we will travel some more of Spain until August. We need to go back to the UK to take our car and bikes home & I want to see my sisters. Then we will head to Iceland and the States. Are you guys doing some more of Asia? I miss it there so much! X


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