More Northern Lights and what we’ve been up to lately


When we become too comfortable and used to our life wherever we are in the world, blogging and photos take a backseat. But! Knowing we only have two weeks left here has made us both feeling a little sad and nostalgic already so we wanted to document more of it to look back on!

You may remember that when we first arrived, Kel and I were the cleaning couple. Then, Kel hurt his knee which meant bed rest for him and double time for me 😛 so for the past month or so, my shifts have been either on the farm (that reminds me I need to bring my camera there!) or waitressing in the hotel’s restaurant.

Working on the farm entails shovelling horse poo, tidying the horse stables and then feeding the horses!! While the horse smell attaches to you and lingers when you come back to the hotel. It’s so peaceful and lovely to be around the horses though. They are such beautiful creatures! I also never knew how much they could poo haha. Grooming the horses is fun too. When I was little I had a Barbie horse that had long hair and I’d comb its hair and plait it. Now, I was doing it in real life! Haha.

Kel posted about the northern lights last time but there have been about four other times since then that it’s happened. There have been two times that they have been so strong and beautiful. It is truly amazing every time. It’s just magic! It’s cool because the locals never get sick of them either and the chefs of the hotel (Hronn and Gudni) took us for a drive away from the town lights to get a better view. You really need a tripod or flat non-moving surface to get a good picture of the northern lights but Kel used the road last night (you can see it in one of the pics) and I used a fence! Some of the pictures below are blurry but you get the idea of how stunning they are.


IMG_7658 (2)IMG_7672 (2)IMG_7676IMG_7675IMG_7669IMG_7887

IMG_7890 (2)


Daylight now lasts a lot longer than when we first arrived. Sunrise is now around 8:45am (used to be at like 11am) and sunset is around 5:30pm (used to be 3pm). It’s amazing how surprising seeing the sun out during the day is. Although it was funny this morning, Maja, Kel and I were actually discussing how it was actually nice during the dark, foggy times. I was saying how I went for a swim the other day at 5pm and it was still light out! 2 months ago at that time it was pitch black and it was magical swimming with the steam from the pool rising.


IMG_7790IMG_7787 (2)IMG_7792IMG_7805IMG_7783IMG_7718 (3)IMG_7756IMG_7809IMG_7799IMG_7822


One day, Philipp (german), Maja (polish) and I went skiing/snowboarding at the local Ski Resort! It was an awesome day, even had some sun. I hadn’t skiing in 5 or 6 years and was quite nervous getting back on the skis but it took about one minute for it all to come back to me, thankfully! It is a small scale ski resort but is perfect for around here, especially when you have hardly any queues on the lifts! I have posted a few videos below. Poor Kel stayed at home due to his knee.




Kel and I have really grown to love this small town on the East coast of Iceland. We really would love to come back here in the summertime to see the contrast! We’ve seen some photos during that season and it’s unimaginable!


7 thoughts on “More Northern Lights and what we’ve been up to lately

  1. Looks and sounds amazing! Sounds like you’ve been working hard too to earn your keep! I’m not jealous at all about the Northern Lights! So special that you’ve seen them more than once! You guys have had such an amazing and varied trip! You will have memorable sorties to tell forever! X


  2. Hey, How are you both? Where are you now? So we are planning a stopover in Iceland for 5 nights and wondered if you have any tips. We plan to hire a van and drive… We will be arriving mid September. Any tips would be greatly appreciated x


    1. Hey guys,
      That’s awesome! I’m sure you’re gonna LOVE Iceland!
      We started on the east and went west so you guys will do the opposite from Reykjavik! Have you read our two posts on our roadtrip through Iceland? Have a look and then let me know what specific questions you have 🙂 happy to help. email me at
      – elizabeth

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I hope so. We are only doing a short visit for six days, but it will still be great! We are hiring a can to sleep in so we are looking forward to that. No I haven’t read those two, I must have missed them. I’ve read the ones from your Workaway and the Northern Lights and jumping in the ice cold water. I will take another look and be sure to email you if I need anything else. Thank you! Hope you’re both great xx

        Liked by 1 person

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