These are just a couple of videos I find pretty inspiring. I thought I’d share them hoping to spark some travel inspiration in you. ENJOY!

I found this video of a German dude who goes by the name Jakob. He travelled without his wallet from the Arctic circle all the way back to his hometown in Germany, by literally living off the land. He would use road kill as a source of food or by going dumpster diving. He collected littered cans that he found on the road, and exchanged them for money to purchase a ferry ticket. He kind of reminded me of Christopher McCandless, although I found this German dude so funny. Such a big time legend


Chris Burkard is a world famous photographer, known for his beautiful landscape photos. He’s known for travelling well off the beaten path, to remote locations all over the world. His Instagram feed is like no other, hosting some of the best landscape photos from around the world. He’s a great story teller, although sometimes he can be a bit “wanderlusty” for me. He was one of the main reasons Eb and I travelled to the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Eb and I saw this TED Talk as soon as it came online and we watched a ridiculous amount of times, especially me, I watch this almost daily.


This is a well-made documentary of Kyle Dempster, an American dude who travelled through remote parts of Kyrgyzstan with his bicycle and trailer filled with climbing gear. This video has adventure all over it and after I’d finished watching, it put Kyrgyzstan to the top of my list of countries to visit. Just press play and watch.


Paul Nicklen, is a national Geographic photographer. This TED Talk is so fascinating, he shares some of his personal experiences he had with the wildlife in the Arctic, which are truly amazing. This video is educational and a little emotional, at least it was for Eb.





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