Where is Ali Baba?

Travel thoughts

For those that don’t know, Eb and I want to cycle across the Middle East sometime this year. This is a great blog showing what it is truly like in Iran. Reading this blog has made us feel so excited to go there.  


xxxlm, xxxxx 800km and 2,551 meters altitude gain (5,378km and 36,539 meters altitude gain in total)

25 November – 9 December, 2015 – We couldn’t wait to see the sea again and were very curious about what to expect as neither our two travel guides nor our extensive internet research would deliver any results. Would it be purely industrial with one petrochemical site after the other? Would it be desolate with little settlements? Would it be dangerous as we were told?

After a few more twisting roads and ups and downs we reached the coast. The first village was pretty with a little beach and a lot of fishermen. We could stock up on food but unfortunately had to continue along the main highway as that was the only coastal road. It suddenly was hot again with temperatures rising up to 30 degrees. We loved it but still had to get used…

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