Travel insurance is an absolute necessity for any overseas trip! It’s an annoying expense when starting out but can save lots of money and stress later on if something happens.

Out of the trips I’ve been on, I’ve only had to claim once. It was for a camera I had when I was 15 which I dropped on the Metro in Paris on the way to a cruise along the Seine river with the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the background at night. I was absolutely devastated and immediately heard my Dad’s nagging voice – ‘always have the wrist strap on at ALL TIMES!!!’. And I did!!! Just not when I was passing the camera to a friend :p and with the jolt of the train, the camera fell straight onto the lens so it couldn’t even go back into itself. Thanks to travel insurance, I got money back! Not enough for the camera but at least it was some compensation.

Since Kel and I were planning a yearlong (maybe 2, maybe never ending) trip away, I spent a lot of time researching travel insurance and policies! It was very boring but essential!

Thanks to the blog at Travelling Apples there is an awesome table which goes through some major insurance companies in detail. I was quite surprised at how bad Covermore was!

We went with 1cover purchasing the comprehensive plan (worldwide) which we just renewed for another year. Looking at the table on the traveling apples’ website, 1cover did well in comparison to the World Nomads company. The only real downfall with 1 cover is there is an age limit (85) on the cover where if a family member dies, they will cover the cost of getting you back home.  I missed that part. But the cover is still pretty good anyway.

Kel has recently injured his knee to the point that he can’t walk at all. A visit to the hospital, X-rays, ultra-sounds, crutches and a referral for an MRI and to see an orthopaedic surgeon later and it’s a big weight lifted off our shoulders knowing it is covered. They were helpful and didn’t need anything unreasonable.

If you are planning a trip soon and will be purchasing travel insurance through 1cover (like we did), if you click on this link you can help us get a $20 gift card 🙂

Below is what you are covered for under the Comprehensive plan:


Remember to read every single word of the policy as mundane as it is. It will save many headaches and stress while you’re away in case something does happen while you’re away!





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