Natascha is a lady we met within the first few weeks of being in the Faroe Islands. She lives across the road from where we are staying. She came and said hi after learning we were from Australia where she is from also! There are about 5 Australians living on the islands. It just so happens that two of them live in our little 1200-people village, with one even growing up in Artarmon and Manly! It really is such a small world.

Over the past couple of months we have gotten to know Natascha and her family very well. Kaj (16), Rana (almost 15) and Ari (9 years old and we share the same birth date 🙂 ) as well as her husband Poul Erik. They have really made our stay here wonderful and we proudly call them our half Aussie/Faroese family.

There has been quite a bit of snow lately, and with temperatures around 0 degrees, it does feel like Christmas is approaching. Houses decorated with Christmas lights, as well as a big Christmas tree in the middle of the village, really makes it feel Christmassy!

Last week, there was a get together in the village to light the Christmas tree lights. There was free hot chocolate and buttered rolls (typical snow food here) as well as a shop selling handmade gifts. One such gift that many of the villagers salivate over each year is the Johannesen’s famous lollipops!!!

I got to help make them this year 🙂 For those who know me will know that the Christmas treat I make each year are red and green choc chip cookies! I have to say that I do have a really good recipe for the cookies and they are tasty!!! BUT! These lollipops were so fun and easy to make and you can easily get creative with colours/patterns that I think my Christmas cookies are soon going be replaced by these lollies!




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