Snow day

Faroe Islands

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few days where we have spotted snow on the mountaintops but none in the village. Last week, we had two full days of snow and boy, was it fun!!!! I was so happy for Kel to finally experience the magic of snow falling, catching snowflakes, making snow angels, having a snow ball fight and making a snow man (although the snow was too powdery to do a really good one).

The first day we drove up a mountain road to be in complete white surrounded by many mountains. It really was magical. The second day we had a really nice walk taking the views in. It made the village look so pretty.

Hearing the snow crunch under our boots made me miss snow and want to go skiing! I wonder if we’ll get up to any skiing in Iceland!

It’s crazy that on this trip we really have experience both extremes. Extreme heat in Asia and now the freezing cold in the north!


IMG_6675IMG_6678IMG_6676IMG_6677IMG_6686IMG_6690IMG_6687IMG_6694IMG_6700IMG_6702IMG_6704IMG_6713 (2)IMG_6715IMG_6710IMG_6716IMG_6719IMG_6731IMG_6733IMG_6734IMG_6742IMG_6739IMG_6745 (2)IMG_6743IMG_6751 (2)IMG_6755IMG_6763IMG_6761IMG_6770IMG_6782IMG_6784

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