Eb on turning 24

Travel thoughts

Being 23 brought many changes in my life. I moved out with Kellen, had a good job with lots of perks, was thinking about an overseas trip and there were also changes in my relationships.

I also came to the realisation that some people put expectations on you that you may not even know or live up to which in turn led to the loss of a few personal relationships.

Although it’s been a hard time for me, I’ve accepted that you cannot live up to everyone’s expectations they may place on you despite how close a relationship may be, nor should anyone force them upon you. I’ve learnt to do what’s right for me and trust my instincts. I may have hurt someone else by not doing what they expected me to do, and I myself was hurt too, but in the end I have no regrets.

I had my 24th birthday in Vientiane, Laos, and spent the night on an overnight sleeper train bound for Bangkok, Thailand. It could have been a more action packed day but it was fun! I was with my love, my best friend, and had a relaxing day filled with food (no surprises there)! I must say that it felt very strange having my birthday without my family around. It would’ve been so nice to be able to teleport back home where we would be all around the dinner table and mum would have cooked my favourite dinner and baked a yummy homemade cake. It just wasn’t the same! I got to skype my parents which was great but that made me miss them even more!

It looks like for the following year of being 24 I will be overseas for all of it and that excites me! I feel free and adventurous. I feel grateful to be able to spend time in places like Deepak’s tea farm in Nepal and teaching English to rural kids in Cambodia and learning about their culture and some of their language. It’s already been over three months and we’ve learnt so much – and about ourselves too!

The downside to traveling, of course, is missing out on events back home. There are many changes this year in Kel’s family and it is sad missing out on them. So far there’s been Kel’s newest nephew, little Chuck Theodore, and Teylor’s upcoming wedding. Technology is great to be able to skype and see pictures but it just isn’t the same!

We have only spent two weeks in Nepal which definitely hasn’t been enough so we will be back! The same can be said for India as we will only have two weeks there before visiting my family (Dad’s side) in England and making our way to Germany to try and set up our lives there for six months or so.

We have so many ideas on where we want to go/what we want to do and we get so excited thinking about the future but it is also nice to just enjoy the present moment in the peaceful countryside of Nepal. It only feels like yesterday we were in far North Vietnam and a Californian guy called Hermes was giving us tips for Nepal and now we are here!

On to the sixth country, India, next week and Varanasi is our next stop. Chai tea and yummy curries we are coming for you!!!!!

One thought on “Eb on turning 24

  1. Lovely post EB. We miss you to but know you are on an incredible adventure… that may never stop.. Enjoy every minute -hope you have a wonderful 24th year…. Think of this way -this is only the first qtr of your life.. Lots of love Dad Xxxxx


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