Our time at Ceshe has come to an end and we are getting ready for the next part of our adventure!

It was hard not to get attached to the kids we taught. Their smiles and happiness were infectious.

A funny moment was teaching them pronunciation and getting them to say the ‘th’ sound like in the word ‘thin’. In Khmer they have no sound like this and so they say ‘sin’. It was quite hard to get them to say thin. Your tongue pokes out from your teeth and is actually quite funny to do it in slow motion. It was hilarious getting them to stick their tongues out to try and say thin. Once they did stick their tongue out they could say it perfectly but they felt so uncomfortable and awkward doing it so we all had a good laugh.


All teachers have favourite students. They may do well to hide it but they secretly all have favourites! A cute boy called Min was Kel’s. His smile was the cutest. He had this big grin and was missing his two front teeth.


One of the best things to come from Ceshe is the people we have met. We have made friends from Denmark, France, Austria, USA, England, Spain, Germany, Holland, and Australia. We are all different but I think we all got on so well as we all had the common interest of wanting to help and give back. Weekends were fun going in to town together, going to café’s where we could choose to have a meal that didn’t contain rice and to also use good free wifi, and then at night going out dancing and having a few drinks – some more than others!!! *cough* jonny haha

Tomorrow morning we leave at 7:45am with another couple from Denmark, Emma and Jonas, to take a bus to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. We’ll spend one or two nights there then Emma and Jonas leave to travel up north of Cambodia and we continue south to Sihanoukville where we might spend a night at Otres beach and then make our way to an island called Koh Rong for a few nights.


IMG_1769 IMG_1770 IMG_1774 IMG_1785 IMG_1794 IMG_1802 IMG_1807 IMG_1811 IMG_1830 IMG_1857 IMG_1878 IMG_1885 IMG_1891 IMG_1896 IMG_1938 IMG_1930 IMG_1942 IMG_1945 IMG_1952 IMG_1955 IMG_1958 IMG_1966 IMG_1977 IMG_2003 IMG_2012 IMG_2023

5 thoughts on “Last day of teaching in Siem Reap

  1. Hi Darling Thanks for all the great photos of you both and the children/students it looks like you are both enjoying them and they are liking what you are doing with them. Great. How is your tummy bug? is it better? All is well here It is so good to receive your blogs. Enjoy your next adventure Luv you Nan xxxx


  2. Some beautiful photos there guys. I am enjoying your blogs and learning of the experiences you are having. I can’t say I could do what your doing. So I commend you both for the work you did with the children. Keep safe as you start the next stage of your journey. Love you both.


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