Kel’s perspective of Bangkok


Hey hey!

This is my first entry of a blog, so bear with me as I don’t make sense a lot of the time and will most likely have spelling mistakes.


First of all, the only countries I have been to are New Zealand, Australia, and the Cook Islands, so coming to Thailand is a massive deal to me. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. From the chaotic driving, intense smells of the streets! (and these smells are nothing I’ve ever encountered before), to so many street vendors selling everything and anything. They even have workers on the streets that stand at driveways that enter onto traffic and all they do is blow whistles telling cars to Stop go stop go while they blow the whistle the whole time. Tuk Tuk and taxi drivers are constantly asking “where you going, where you from?” Also, there are so many billboards and paintings of the King. I’m not yet educated on the whole situation with the King but all I know is that he is well respected by the Thai. We went to see a movie the other day -The water divine (great movie by the way) and in one of the ads before the movie came on, text on the movie screen appeared asking us to rise for the King! I thought they were having a laugh, then two Thai people stood up in front of us, so we stood up. We had to stand for 5 minutes as they played footage of the king, it was actually quite interesting in the end. The city is chaotic but I love it.

Yesterday we woke up late and just lazed about till about 1pm then thought we should probably get up and seize the day. So, we got dressed and caught a train to Hua Lampong which cost 73 baht ($2.80) and the distance is equivalent to Pennant hills to Chatswood station. Then we caught our first Tuk  Tuk to Khao San for a cheap feed and to have a look at some hostels. If you come to Bangkok, you have to have a Tuk Tuk ride, it’s so much fun. For about a 20min ride the driver tried charging us 250 baht, but we got it down to 150 baht ($5.70 AU). After getting hassled by street vendors, people trying to get us to eat scorpions, dudes telling me I’m good looking and that I should get fitted by their suit maker, we finally found a place to eat! We sat down and both ordered panang curry 140 baht ($5.80 AU). Whilst we were waiting for our food we both realised that all the “waitresses” had quite broad shoulders and shaded upper lips, Yep! They were all lady boys! And they were the funniest people we have met so far. One of them caught Eb on her phone and noticed an old picture of us and was shocked by my appearance saying that I looked fat but handsome in the face but now I look slim (shoutout to Clean Shred) but need a hair cut! It was a good laugh…

IMG_0567 IMG_0578 IMG_0585 IMG_0568 IMG_0565 IMG_0575

IMG_0564 Facebook-20150121-102338 IMG_0555 IMG_0579


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