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Part one: How to Travel Long Term

One of theΒ ways that allows us to extend our money is by working in exchange for food and accommodation. We have done this in Cambodia, Nepal, Faroe Islands, Iceland, South Korea and now Japan.

Take a look at our latest work exchange where we are working at a hostel!

Eb on turning 25… (six months ago)

Last year, when I turned 24 I wrote down some thoughts/things I learned during that year. I wanted to do the same with the past year (even though I turned 25 six months ago already haha). Continue reading “Eb on turning 25… (six months ago)”

My new passion

Lately, I have taken a strong likening to photography. I have never really cared for it before, though. Before Eb and I left Australia, we weren’t planning on even bringing a camera. I thought about taking one of those disposable cameras and I remember I just wanted for me to immerse myself fully into travelling and remembering these experiences by memory. Continue reading “My new passion”

Tokyo: Through the lens

We are really enjoying our time here in Tokyo. Our days consist of cleaning hostel beds and showers, then the rest of the day we have all to ourselves. Tokyo feels like it is currently going through a heat wave, it is ridiculously hot here. Continue reading “Tokyo: Through the lens”


Konichiwa from Tokyo! After our awesome hitch-hiking experience from Shimoda to Tokyo, we didn’t think Japan could get any better. Well, let me tell you haha. Continue reading “Tokyooo”

Hitch hiking from Shimoda to Tokyo

We had planned on staying in Shimoda for the majority of our time but for unforeseen circumstances, plans changed and now we are in Tokyo!

We were thinking that the only way from Shimoda to Tokyo – a distance of about 200 kms would be by train. Trains are so expensive in Japan and it would’ve cost us around $140 AUD for both of us. That’s way over our daily budget and so when our French/Swiss friends said that they were going to try hitch hiking, we decided to do the same! Continue reading “Hitch hiking from Shimoda to Tokyo”

VIDEO: An afternoon at Ohhama Beach, Shimoda – Japan

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VIDEO: Eb jumping into the North Atlantic Ocean in Iceland

We’ve gone to the beach every day since being here in Shimoda, Japan. It’s awesome! It made me reminisce on the last time we went swimming in the ocean before here. That was in Iceland! You can read more about it here but I put together a quick clip from the GoPro!

VIDEO: Beach sesh at Ohama Beach, Shimoda

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